2024 Tentative Dates/Schedule of Events

Fish days for the three Leg events will be either a Saturday or Sunday. Fish day for the Championship will be Friday with Thursday, Saturday or Sunday being alternate fish days due to weather. See cancellation and refunds for alternate date and payout criteria.

South Division (Southport, NC)

Leg 1: 5/23-5/26
Leg 2: 6/13-6/16
(Alternate Date: 6/20-6/23)
Leg 3: 7/18-7/21
(Alternate Date: 7/25-7/28)

North Division (Morehead City, NC)

Leg 1: 8/1-8/5
Leg 2: 9/5-9/8
(Alternate Date: 9/19-9/22)
Leg 3: 10/24-10/27
(Alternate Date: 10/31-11/3)


Wednesday, Nov. 6 - Dinner
Thursday, Nov. 7 - Ladies Day Out
Friday, Nov. 8 - Fish Day
Awards Breakfast: Saturday, Nov. 9
Thurs/Saturday/Sunday alternate fish days. If unsuccessful, see championship payouts.


All registration information can be found on the Series Registration page.

Captain’s Meeting

The organizational meeting for Captains will be held on Thursday, prior to scheduled fish day at 7:00 pm at the Redfish Bar and Grill in Morehead City (North Division) and TBD (South Division). Meal will also be served starting at 6:00 pm. Though not mandatory please make arrangements to attend or have a representation for your team attend.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony for each Leg event will be held at 7:00 pm following the weigh-in of the scheduled fishing day at the Redfish Bar and Grill in Morehead City (North Division) and TBD (South Division). The awards ceremony for the Championship will be announced at the Championship captains meeting.