Cape Lookout Shootout Classic Rules


  1. On tournament day, competition hours are 6:30 am until 3:00 pm ( Note that check in time for the first event scheduled for June 28th-30 will be 5:00 pm.) Check out hours may change due to safe light.

  2. Boundaries - Boundaries - West boundary 77.10 (can't go below); East boundary 76.31 (can't go above); Offshore 34.18 (can't go below) It is acceptable for tournament boats to be outside the boundaries during competitive hours however all fish must be caught within the designated boundaries. Bait catching outside of boundaries is allowed while using nets, no rod and reels.

  3. Check In/Out - There will be no check out. Lines in the water at 6.30 am. All boats must be checked in at the designated check in spots which will be discussed at the captains meeting.

  4. ASSISTANCE - During competition hours a team may receive or give assistance for any reason. Including but not limited to bait and mechanical assistance. Bait may also be purchased during competition hours. Under no circumstance should a king mackerel be passed to or from another boat. Fish must be brought to scales and weighed from the boat in which it was caught under its own power.

  5. Running Aground - Assistance may be given or received to remove a boat that has run aground.

  6. All fish must be taken on a rod and reel during competition hours. No hand lines or electric reels will be allowed. Downriggers will be permitted as fishing line carriers only.

  7. The tournament committee reserves the right to inspect any boat entered in competition, including an on board inspection.

  8. The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse an entry into the tournament.

  9. The tournament committee reserves the right to place a tournament representative on any entrant's boat during competition for the purpose of observation.

  10. Captain or Co-Captain must be present to win any prizes from drawings at the captains meetings and awards.

  11. The tournament committee reserves the full authority to make a rule change when it is in the best interest of the Series.

  12. All fish must be brought to the tournament headquarters by boats catching same under its own power. Fish must be unloaded at designated docks only. Fish cannot be transported over land.

  13. All king mackerel submitted for weigh-in must be at a minimum 30″ fork length, in fresh, edible condition and caught that tournament day during competition hours. No mutilated fish will be accepted for weigh-in. Mutilation is defined as any damage which may significantly impair the fish's fighting ability.

  14. All protests concerning the determination of tournament prize winners shall be made to the tournament committee and shall be accompanied by $500 cash. All protests shall be made no later than one hour after the last fish has been weighed. In the event that a protest is upheld by the tournament committee, the $500 cash deposit will be returned. In the event that the protest is not upheld, the $500 cash deposit will become the property of the Cape Lookout Shootout. All decisions made by the tournament committee shall be final.

  15. Specific Rule for Protesting Weight of Fish - At the time of weigh in, a team may protest the weight of their fish and such protest shall be accompanied by a $500 protest fee which shall be paid within 1 hour of the protest. In connection with the protest the team SHOULD NOT sign the weigh ticket. Once the weigh ticket is signed the weight is FINAL and no protest will be accepted. If a protest is filed on the weight of the fish, the fish will be segregated and placed in a fish bag under the control of the weigh master until a member of the tournament committee can be present to witness the reweighing of the fish. A member of the team protesting the weight shall stay with the fish until the fish is reweighed. If the weight of the fish changes by 1 pound or greater the protest will be upheld by the tournament committee, the $500 protest fee will be returned, and the official weight of the fish will be changed. If the change is less than 1 pounds the official weight will not be changed and the $500 cash deposit will be forfeited and become the property of the Cape Lookout Shootout. All decisions made by the tournament committee shall be final.

  16. In the event that two or more king mackerel are the same weight, the winner shall be determined by the earliest weigh-in time.

  17. The winning fish and all fish entered and or donated become the exclusive property of the tournament.

  18. Any disqualifications will result in forfeit of winnings for that particular tournament and may result in disqualification in remaining tournaments in the series and the forfeit of all entry fees paid for remaining tournaments.

  19. Teams which place in a tournament, if directed by the tournament committee, must submit to and take a polygraph test with a pre-authorized tester at a time designated by the committee prior to the awards. The polygraph test must be taken by either the designated Captain or Co-captain of the team. This decision is at the sole discretion of the tournament committee. Should the test be failed or not taken within said time frame, the tournament committee reserves the right to forfeit all winnings awarded to winner in question. If the polygraph tester determines that the participant is not able to take the test due to intoxication then a test will be performed as soon as possible and the cost of the test is the responsibility of the captain.

  20. Competition days will be Saturday with an alternate weather day on Sunday. The Tournament committee will decide on the execution of scheduled tournament on Thursday at 10:00 am prior to the scheduled tournament date. The tournament committee reserves the right to postpone the decision until Friday at 10 am if weather conditions warrant a delay in the decision. UNLESS AN EVENT IS CANCELLED COMPLETELY, BE PREPARED TO FISH EITHER THE PROJECTED DAY (Saturday) OR the backup day (Sunday). Notifications of any cancellations will be made immediately. The tournament committee will make decisions based off of NOAA active weather alerts and other relevant weather information.

  21. It is the policy of the Cape Lookout Shootout King Mackerel Tournament Series to promote conservation of the species in every way possible. To that end, contestants in Cape Lookout Shootout Tournament are required to abide by State Recreational minimum length and bag limit Regulations. Note that the current recreational bag limit for bluefish is 3 per person.

  22. The responsibility of adhering to all US Coast Guard, NC Wildlife and NC Marine Fisheries regulations and requirements are the responsibility of the Captain and crew. | |