The Series

A 3 Tournament Series in each the North and South Division with a no entry fee championship. Each divisional tournament is a one day, one big fish tournament with check out.

For 2023, the CLSO North and South Division Series will be capped at 60 boats each. All teams from the 2022 season will have a guaranteed spot in the North and/or South Divisions if properly registered as described below. For any spots not filled by the 2022 teams, there will be open registration for new entrants as described below.

Entry: $4,500.00 per Division

3 Regular Season Events in each Division
Team Up TWT Included in Each Event
Chance to Qualify For No Entry Championship

For previous 2022 Participants

  • Registration is now CLOSED.
  • A Captain from the previous 2022 season may enter a new boat and or team name as long as he or she is listed as the Captain on the 2023 registration. Remember: “the registered Captain and or Co-Captain must be on boat during tournament hours”
  • A minimum deposit of $1,000.00 ($2,000 if fishing both Divisions) is due on or before March 1, 2023 to retain your spot in the Series. No Exceptions
  • As deposits are received the competitors page will be updated and you will receive an automated email confirmation.
  • Remaining balance of $3,500.00 will be due on or before Friday, April 7, 2023 at 5PM for the South Division and on or before Friday, May 5, 2023 at 5PM for the North Division. No Exceptions
  • TWT’s may be paid online or at the captain’s meetings

Other TWT’s

Big Daddy: Heaviest King Mackerel Weighed during the 3 regular season events: $200.00 (one time) must be paid by end of Captain’s Meeting of first event to be eligible.
Heavy 5: Per Event Top 5 King Mackerel Weighed: $1,000.00 (Tournament Series will retain 10% from this TWT)
Double Barrel Top 5: Per Event Top 5 Two Fish Aggregate: $1,000.00 (Tournament Series will retain 10% from this TWT)
Potlicker - Winner Take All: Per Event $1,000.00 (Tournament Series will retain 10% from this TWT)

New Participants That Did Not Compete In 2022

North and South Divisions

Waiting List registration is now CLOSED.

  1. During the open registration period, online registration will be made available to new teams. Online registration DOES NOT guarantee a spot and when you submit your form will not affect your chances in the drawing. In addition, if applicable, please indicate the years you have tried to register and did not get a spot; we will verify with our records.
  2. For 2023, we will be doing a random drawing on Facebook Live on March 4, 2023, to select the New Teams that qualify for available spots. In order to increase the chances of those teams that have unsuccessfully tried to register in the past, we will enter your name the number of years you have tried to register. For example if you attempted to register in 2015 and 2017, and you send in a registration email for 2023, your name will be entered three times for the random drawing.
  3. For those teams selected, a $1,000 deposit is due no later than March 10, 2023. The final balance is due April 7, 2023 at 5PM for the South and May 5, 2023 at 5PM for the North.
  4. The 61st entrant and so on will be placed on a waiting list. A confirmation email will be sent stating this. Waiting list entrants will not be required to pay any fees.

Payment Instructions

Entry Fee is NON Refundable. If a paid entrant requests to withdraw prior to the deadline, a committee member will contact a properly registered team from the waiting list (if applicable). If the spot is filled with a properly registered team from waiting list, entry monies will be refunded less $100.00.

Register and Pay Online

IMPORTANT: All Registration is CLOSED.

Pay Balances here!
4% processing fee on all credit/debit cards

Pay TWTs

Enter TWTs here!

Send Checks to:
2008 Riverview Dr.
Clayton, NC 27527

For Other Credit Card Transactions Call:
(919) 868-5088
4% processing fee on all credit cards